My Quantum Connections

We create synergistic connections to cutting edge products, services and alternative healing modalities that improve overall wellness, resulting in maximizing ones healing potential. We believe that in this generation, creative solutions are necessary to meet the challenging changes of our world.


For the last 3 years I have lived the dream; having traveled to 21 countries with my husband, I’ve seen the world. Although I wasn’t working at that time, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some amazing alternative modalities in parts of Asia and Europe. I’ve also met with modern day scientists who have invented new electromedical devices.

Prior to traveling, I was a quantum biofeedback practitioner in Oregon for over 13 years. Along with my advanced biofeedback training, the self growth and development seminars that I’ve participated in have equipped me with great tools that have become an asset when working with clients. As a facilitator, I offer creative alternative solutions to empower people to experience freedom in various areas of their well being. Reducing stressors, in all forms, is a major key to experiencing the life we love. My focus includes mental, physical, spiritual and relational health. I also work with a resource of trusted professionals, both alternative and mainstream. I believe in the importance of using alternative modalities as an approach to wellness. By using drug free approaches, harmful substances are reduced. Drug free approaches are a powerful aid in assisting our bodies to heal. The choices we make in our daily lives impact our futures. By using biofeedback, we are able to see how the body is responding to the individual’s unique stressors. Together, we can take powerful steps towards our overall health goals. My personal goal is to pioneer an industry in energetic medicine by bridging the gap between allopathic medicine and holistic health.



My background includes over 25 years in mainstream and alternative medicine, biotech and surgical sales. I am a trained Hypnotherapist and understand what it is to be a traditional business owner. It has been my good fortune to study under many of the most significant hypnosis masters of our day such as Jerry Valley, Cal Banyan, Matthew James, Tad James, Geoffrey Knight, Jeffrey Stephens, and John Kappas. The National Guild of Hypnotists, the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, and the Association for Integrative Psychology certify me as a hypnotherapist.